Another simple animation…

Hi again everyone, I was hoping to catch you all before I went over to sunny Sheffield and checked out some details of another job. This week I had a play around with some marker pens and whilst on 12 cups of coffee, decided that I should draw this lot.

A simple animation from a commissioned job…thanks for watching:)

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Sythopian Wars – Concept Art 4

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Sythopian Wars is the game that myself and Jason are putting together based on 10 years research by Jason into the making of an actual game. Through our added knowledge and my concept art we are developing a slow but sure interest in this amazing world.

My contribution is the following image based on the Guardian history when they returned to Sythopia and held back the swamp…


The Siren’s Front Cover Design v2

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Hello again and welcome to the final version of the cover I did to pitch for a staff job.
They liked the first one but wanted something more specific and by doing so I decided I could either curl up in a ball and freak out over the time I had wasted or I could face the challenge head on and do more with the cover than I had before. Generally I had been lazy and when you have a process that worked for years, namely the layouts and development of any given piece, you should stick to it. It is a tried and tested method and has worked for me in a number of projects. This time I took the concept they gave me, did some rough layouts for the placement of the characters and checked back with them about it.
An hours work wasted if they didn’t like them.
However it gave them a better chance to give me input as to what they did or didn’t like about the layout and I was able to move forward. With this in mind I took the final layout and created a 3D model of the alleyway, giving me perspective I could use.
Also I had reference from photo’s to work from, giving me a better idea of the way the light of the street would work and took this to the final pencils.
Once there you can go onto the final inks but in this case I completely screwed up on two of the faces and re-inked them using photoshop. Once the “hamster cheeks” were fixed I had a problem now with the lighting and colouring. Each stage had already taken a day to do and I needed to get on with the paid work. Luckily they understood and allowed me to develop the colours further.
This time I tried a colouring technique I thought would work better on this piece and created an adjustment layer set to hue/saturation to create a mask, which I then painted onto revealing the warm sun.
A number of my friends suggested that I put the right hand guys in the light too but I considered it and thought that since they are the bad guys, they should be in the dark side of the panel, in the shadows so to speak.
I hope you like it and think it was worth the 3 days work.

The Siren’s Front Cover Design

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During my short time as a freelancer I came across a job for a staff artist, with a short brief covering a series of characters in a specific setting. However, in order to get the job you had to do all the process, pencils, inks and colours to show you could do it. This was the result of that pitch.

Captain Clevedon Page 9

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Captain Clevedon Page 9

Captain Clevedon Page 9

This is one of my favourite pages, the perspective and the composition pull you into the image in a more dramatic way. Giving us the desired effect. When putting a dramatic page together it is best to pull the vanishing point higher so that you are viewing the image from a low angle and gives the impression of drama, movement.

Andy Dodd

Captain Clevedon P8

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"Captain Clevedon Page 8"

Captain Clevedon Page 8


Yep! you heard it here first, well nearly first, I reckon pretty close to the first if that lass from 32 has mentioned it and you decided to tell all your mates, which might not be that many, about Captain Clevedon coming to the newstands…sort of. It’s one of those Kev F Sutherland thingies and I told him I could help with a page or two. Despite having loads of work on at the moment I managed to cram it in. So here it is page 8, the stages I sent to Kev F for him to see that I was working on the thing and not to worry about it missing the deadline. He did the lettering himself so I will see it at the Thought Bubble comic convention in Leeds soon this year…

Andy Dodd

Character Design Part 4

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"Constipation" poster by Andy Dodd

Time To Relax With A Good Book

The other week I got a reply to one of the many freelance websites I use to gain work. This particular one was simply a cartoon, caricature of a man on the toilet reading a book. The image itself I find funny but I thought, fair enough, put the sketch together and see how it comes out. You see this stuff doesn’t appear by magic, you do your preliminary sketches, rough drawings to get the layout and the character down. I know its tempting and to just go ahead an slap that marker on there and come up with something but this is a piece that needed setting up ready for printing at A1. That’s big!…so I needed to make sure the lines were of a good enough quality that they would reproduce at that size and you have already seen the process I go through to create a character, getting the muscles of your brain going to come up with something that looks good to you. This character was my version of a standard cliche…string vest, stubble etc. But done without the elements that could have easily made it x-rated.