Another simple animation…

Hi again everyone, I was hoping to catch you all before I went over to sunny Sheffield and checked out some details of another job. This week I had a play around with some marker pens and whilst on 12 cups of coffee, decided that I should draw this lot.

A simple animation from a commissioned job…thanks for watching:)

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Animation examples part seven

Chester from the Bang! Bang! Comics shop


Chester here is the image I was given to create a banner, the site is still in the process of being put together and sells many interesting comics and books. I loved putting this guy together.


Animation examples part six

Since the work on the Time Bomb Comics and Huddersfield University logo’s I went further and every month I try out something new to help improve on the skills I already have. I have worked in photoshop a lot when putting together concept art but discovered since that after effects is the video version of photoshop. I had to keep playing and so put this one together for part of my showreel in order to send to film companies.


Animation examples part four

Whilst at University I was in class when my tutor started scribbling an idea on the board. The rest of the group seemed to be more interested in Youtube and I saw straight away the way that his idea could be created. You know the feeling when you see an answer to a problem and get knots in your stomach? Well just like that. Over a period of a few weeks I was asked to put this together with colour changes, with triangles and without, with different slogans and blurbs. Finally we agreed on this and went with it. All done in 3Ds Max using a lighting system I had never tried and maps for the colours I never used.

A great example of the things that come up when working in the real world.


Animation examples part three

During my time at Life Class I put together an illustration that I later used to test some special effects ideas. I discovered you could use the layers in as a 3D space. With this and a recently purchased copy of some physical effects I tested the idea out on this image.

Another rough animation but it gets me closer to that extra special job role.


Animation examples part two

I had loads of fun doing this one. The intent being that it was going to be a 10 second animation and I asked my girlfriend at the time to help me with it. She can talk. So the end result became this. I never quite completed it but I did find it useful to go through the process of animating the different elements to gain knowledge in the use of flash animation. I hope you enjoy it too.


Animated examples part one

Hey there everyone, another new post to give you a sense of pace in the world of artoons. I hope you like this one.