Study of Animation

I decided to post my progress in animation and post as much as I can, when I can. The animation in question is a 2D animation with elements composited into after effects.

So let’s go, my first stage is the character design based on the images given to me by a client. After which I did a rough storyboard and created an animatic for the timing, which you can view here… JGTraveller.

JGTcharSktch001Storyboard_0040 Storyboard_0002 Storyboard_0006 Storyboard_0012 Storyboard_0013

Week by week I will post another stage of the animation for your viewing pleasure or understanding. I personally find it helps get a job done when you work through the details and can come back to it to criticise or adjust how you worked before.

Andy Dodd

2 thoughts on “Study of Animation

  1. This was so fun. I really enjoyed all the drawing-erasing-drawing-erasing. What a nice touch to keep things moving.

    I remember when I was young, I saw a cartoon of Daffy Duck, where it showed the animator’s hand and a pencil (part of the cartoon) erasing parts of Daffy, then drawing them back in — it was amazing. I was glued to the TV. This was before VCRs, or before we had one anyway, and that moment of seeing the pencil, eraser and hand actually create Daffy, change him, and draw him again became forever fixed in my mind.

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