Storyboard Sample update

During the struggling time of the recession it has been increasingly difficult to get work in that pays the bills, with this in mind there are still a number of film and animation creators trying to break into the industry. I have put here a small selection of the more recent storyboards to give you all a taste of what is to come…

Front page update…

All in all the caricatures have been in a cold area with a very warm welcome from other stall holders, nothing to write home about except to stay positive, it won’t get any warmer with a hot temper…

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Todd’s Game

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I think it’s time to show everyone that give’s you some idea of what my work looked like more than four years ago. Young, fresh and thrown together like it was the most important thing going.

Well this one is a short story from another student, who came over to my place and gave me direction to what they wanted on the final storyboard. As they were only going to be marked on the actual film, we did okay. Not all of the students were that honest and they were almost expelled for getting me to do their storyboard, which incidentally would have meant me too for doing it. So let that be a lesson to you lot who try dodging hard work.

Andy Dodd

Mr Lover

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What a nightmare this one was to do…my god!

Do you ever have one of those projects where everyone involved just gets on your nerves and think that you would never find any respect for them at all after that? Well here is mine and I sincerely apologise for my stressed and bad tempered attitude throughout the entire project. It’s a easier to work with me now but sometimes you bang heads with other people when your career and livelihood are at stake when all they are doing is playing at being a film maker.

Overall I think everyone on this project is wonderful now and glad you all found your feet at last.

Andy Dodd


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Evolve is the title of a 3D animation I never completed way back when I was doing Multimedia at University. The reason I wanted to show you this is because I loved the idea of pre-visualisation and the freedom it gave you to improve on your final ideas. Giving all involved the full, rounded, version of the entire film and leaving nothing to chance. The possibility of adding more and more detail to the final project is and was used throughout the history of film making.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…

Andy Dodd

A Father For The Dead

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Here is “A Father For The Dead” by Damian Morter. A very talented Directed just round the corner of my side of the world who I decided to work with. He had the script and I was very impressed with his other work, considering they were doing it for next to nothing, and put this storyboard together to help them bring some life to the film. As it’s only a guide and things have been moving on very quickly since I thought it time to show you what we all did…here is my version. I must add though that this does not appear in the final film and there is a completely different version coming up as soon as the film is shown.

Andy Dodd

Animation examples part five

This is an ANIMATIC, its an animated storyboard which I use to get the timing on my animations when there are a lot of things going on. This is a very ambitious project of mine and still in the early stages. The idea is to morph the 3D characters from one to the other and work my way to the final reveal. I intended to have it done by the end of University but bills needed paying.

For now though you can look at the pretty pictures with that amazing music by Peter Gabriel