Experience Barnsley Museum

This month I was invited to the Experience Barnsley Museum at the Gerald Scarfe exhibition and spent a number of days doing caricatures of the locals. A wonderful day out that brought one surprise after another with visits from friends and family old and new. The customers and staff were amazing.

I will add some images shortly.

Front page update…

All in all the caricatures have been in a cold area with a very warm welcome from other stall holders, nothing to write home about except to stay positive, it won’t get any warmer with a hot temper…

Caricatures0049 Caricatures0038 Caricatures0035

Sythopian Wars – Concept Art 4

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Sythopian Wars is the game that myself and Jason are putting together based on 10 years research by Jason into the making of an actual game. Through our added knowledge and my concept art we are developing a slow but sure interest in this amazing world.

My contribution is the following image based on the Guardian history when they returned to Sythopia and held back the swamp…


Character Design Part 4

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"Constipation" poster by Andy Dodd

Time To Relax With A Good Book

The other week I got a reply to one of the many freelance websites I use to gain work. This particular one was simply a cartoon, caricature of a man on the toilet reading a book. The image itself I find funny but I thought, fair enough, put the sketch together and see how it comes out. You see this stuff doesn’t appear by magic, you do your preliminary sketches, rough drawings to get the layout and the character down. I know its tempting and to just go ahead an slap that marker on there and come up with something but this is a piece that needed setting up ready for printing at A1. That’s big!…so I needed to make sure the lines were of a good enough quality that they would reproduce at that size and you have already seen the process I go through to create a character, getting the muscles of your brain going to come up with something that looks good to you. This character was my version of a standard cliche…string vest, stubble etc. But done without the elements that could have easily made it x-rated.


Character Design Part 3

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This guy "motivates"

Today I though I would show you something that I rarely do…a super hero!!!…den, den, daaarrr!!!…I did loads of comedy stuff back in the late 80’s and early90’s for a few spoof magazines and at the time is was the lucrative thing to do. I think as long as you don’t take them too seriously they can be fun and entertaining. Sometimes even make a point in today’s society…way too serious for this post though and this one is a character I was commissioned to design. I get the pose right first and as you can see from the rough sketch it looked nothing like the final piece. This is due to the clients input and I changed and altered everything to be a little more of a cliche. Striking pose, in a rough stick man way and using that pose I built on it to come to the final piece. Sometimes just flicking through a book or day to day life can make things happen. I had actually had an email from a writer, not going to say who, and I remember them in the old days with the pony tail. They went to the gym too so it just made it a little more fun to do, even though they will probably never find out it was them. Try it, the first thing that pops into your head when you remember the people in your life.


Character Design part 2

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Player X

Player X

This week I want to show you another example of how I would put together a character. There a re lots of ways and experimentation is good, I found that after a lot of trial and error that putting a rough and quick sketch together foor a client is a good start. You get their feedback and then refine the pencils to a more finished piece. After that moving onto the final inks and then the colours. Each stage giving the a chance to give feedback and alter your work. That way you don’t waste any of their time, which to be honest, they are paying you for and should get the feeling that they are in control of a final product. The creativity and the skill are all yours and you end finish with something you can both be proud of.


Character Design part 1

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Hey there everyone, this week I am going to show of a few stages of some work I did for a client and through the rough sketches and feedback I received from them I was able to do them quickly, efficiently and get paid. Job done and on to the next. This is the way it should be, working through the process and getting the job out of the way by solving any issues in a productive manner. Even if its an uninteresting subject, you will find the process still has something for you to sink your teeth into. In this case the Cinemaniac was done as a rough and the final pencils printed in blue on to Bristol Board. I do this so that I can remove them easier in photoshop. In the past you would simply do a copy of it and the blue didn’t print, just the inks. But now scanners and photocopiers are a little more advanced and give us problems by showing all the imperfections in the inking that you probably never saw before. I then inked using a Rigor, a long thin tapered brush similar to a lining brush traditionally used by sign writers years ago.


The Guardians

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The Guardians, self appointed to watch over the planet of Sythopia, here again I put together the rough stages of the artwork under the guidance of Jason. The whole thing came together pretty quickly and now we can move on to other things.

Sythopian Wars – Guardian

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In order to complete the look of the Guardians we still had a few things to go through to find the right direction. I had a specific pose to get for this one so you can see that I used the dummy in my 3D software to get the angle and lighting the way I wanted. Even so, its still quite a quick illustration.

Andy Dodd

Sythopian Wars – return of the Guardians

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During the time working on the Guardians of the Sythopian Wars project I have used a variety of tools, including simple 3D software and painted over the top of it. This one in particular can be added to and developed to create a photo-realistic image rather than a painted one. As I said this is the simpler stage and needs a lot more work but the project has to go on and we can’t wait all month for this one image.

Sythopian Wars – return of the Guardians.