Todd’s Game

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I think it’s time to show everyone that give’s you some idea of what my work looked like more than four years ago. Young, fresh and thrown together like it was the most important thing going.

Well this one is a short story from another student, who came over to my place and gave me direction to what they wanted on the final storyboard. As they were only going to be marked on the actual film, we did okay. Not all of the students were that honest and they were almost expelled for getting me to do their storyboard, which incidentally would have meant me too for doing it. So let that be a lesson to you lot who try dodging hard work.

Andy Dodd

2 thoughts on “Todd’s Game

  1. Hey there beautiful, things are rubbish at the moment but making more sense, I just asked for a quote on a job from another storyboard artist and discovered I am waaaay below the going rate. Hugs and stuff and how is it in the writing?

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