The Siren’s Front Cover Design v2

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Hello again and welcome to the final version of the cover I did to pitch for a staff job.
They liked the first one but wanted something more specific and by doing so I decided I could either curl up in a ball and freak out over the time I had wasted or I could face the challenge head on and do more with the cover than I had before. Generally I had been lazy and when you have a process that worked for years, namely the layouts and development of any given piece, you should stick to it. It is a tried and tested method and has worked for me in a number of projects. This time I took the concept they gave me, did some rough layouts for the placement of the characters and checked back with them about it.
An hours work wasted if they didn’t like them.
However it gave them a better chance to give me input as to what they did or didn’t like about the layout and I was able to move forward. With this in mind I took the final layout and created a 3D model of the alleyway, giving me perspective I could use.
Also I had reference from photo’s to work from, giving me a better idea of the way the light of the street would work and took this to the final pencils.
Once there you can go onto the final inks but in this case I completely screwed up on two of the faces and re-inked them using photoshop. Once the “hamster cheeks” were fixed I had a problem now with the lighting and colouring. Each stage had already taken a day to do and I needed to get on with the paid work. Luckily they understood and allowed me to develop the colours further.
This time I tried a colouring technique I thought would work better on this piece and created an adjustment layer set to hue/saturation to create a mask, which I then painted onto revealing the warm sun.
A number of my friends suggested that I put the right hand guys in the light too but I considered it and thought that since they are the bad guys, they should be in the dark side of the panel, in the shadows so to speak.
I hope you like it and think it was worth the 3 days work.

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