The Siren’s Front Cover Design

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During my short time as a freelancer I came across a job for a staff artist, with a short brief covering a series of characters in a specific setting. However, in order to get the job you had to do all the process, pencils, inks and colours to show you could do it. This was the result of that pitch.

1 thought on “The Siren’s Front Cover Design

  1. really like the style. I am a self-published writer trying to get into the comic business as a writer and have been looking for an illustrator to collab with for some time. I have several pitches ready for scripting as well as some fully formed scripts. If you’re interested i would like to see if we can get a project going. As I’m sure you understand, with both of us cutting our teeth trying to get a foot in the door I wouldn’t be able to “hire” you for pay, as the payoff would come in getting signed. but i would be willing to pay a small commission fee for your time whether or not we get signed as I wouldn’t want this to be a waste of time for you. let me know if you’re interested.
    We have the same last name, one is a writer one is a illustrator, come on, it’s kismet!
    – Adam David Dodd (

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