Character Design Part 4

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"Constipation" poster by Andy Dodd

Time To Relax With A Good Book

The other week I got a reply to one of the many freelance websites I use to gain work. This particular one was simply a cartoon, caricature of a man on the toilet reading a book. The image itself I find funny but I thought, fair enough, put the sketch together and see how it comes out. You see this stuff doesn’t appear by magic, you do your preliminary sketches, rough drawings to get the layout and the character down. I know its tempting and to just go ahead an slap that marker on there and come up with something but this is a piece that needed setting up ready for printing at A1. That’s big!…so I needed to make sure the lines were of a good enough quality that they would reproduce at that size and you have already seen the process I go through to create a character, getting the muscles of your brain going to come up with something that looks good to you. This character was my version of a standard cliche…string vest, stubble etc. But done without the elements that could have easily made it x-rated.

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