Character Design Part 3

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This guy "motivates"

Today I though I would show you something that I rarely do…a super hero!!!…den, den, daaarrr!!!…I did loads of comedy stuff back in the late 80’s and early90’s for a few spoof magazines and at the time is was the lucrative thing to do. I think as long as you don’t take them too seriously they can be fun and entertaining. Sometimes even make a point in today’s society…way too serious for this post though and this one is a character I was commissioned to design. I get the pose right first and as you can see from the rough sketch it looked nothing like the final piece. This is due to the clients input and I changed and altered everything to be a little more of a cliche. Striking pose, in a rough stick man way and using that pose I built on it to come to the final piece. Sometimes just flicking through a book or day to day life can make things happen. I had actually had an email from a writer, not going to say who, and I remember them in the old days with the pony tail. They went to the gym too so it just made it a little more fun to do, even though they will probably never find out it was them. Try it, the first thing that pops into your head when you remember the people in your life.

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