Character Design part 1

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Hey there everyone, this week I am going to show of a few stages of some work I did for a client and through the rough sketches and feedback I received from them I was able to do them quickly, efficiently and get paid. Job done and on to the next. This is the way it should be, working through the process and getting the job out of the way by solving any issues in a productive manner. Even if its an uninteresting subject, you will find the process still has something for you to sink your teeth into. In this case the Cinemaniac was done as a rough and the final pencils printed in blue on to Bristol Board. I do this so that I can remove them easier in photoshop. In the past you would simply do a copy of it and the blue didn’t print, just the inks. But now scanners and photocopiers are a little more advanced and give us problems by showing all the imperfections in the inking that you probably never saw before. I then inked using a Rigor, a long thin tapered brush similar to a lining brush traditionally used by sign writers years ago.

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